Battery V Energy LiIon 7,4 V 2500mAh - Tikku (DEANS)
Battery V Energy LiIon 7,4 V 2500mAh - Tikku (DEANS)

Battery V Energy LiIon 7,4 V 2500mAh - Tikku (DEANS)

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V Energy LiIon 7.4 V 2500mAh Akku - Tikku

LiIon packages are characterized by increased current efficiency. They do not have the so-called memory effect, so they can be loaded very often (it is even advisable) and it does not deteriorate the package properties. They are also characterized by a small volume in relation to the stored energy (they are extremely small and light). Thanks to this, they work very well in AEG replicas. LiIon batteries should not be left for a long time with a minimal charge, as this may lead to deterioration of the properties guaranteed by the manufacturer and damage to the cells. For the sake of safety, good performance and parameters specified by the manufacturer, remember not to discharge the battery to the end and not to overcharge it. LiIon batteries have a low self-discharge rate. On a monthly basis, depending on environmental conditions, up to about 8%.

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